Few Words About Us

We hope to be a great and awesome free web hosting provider!

We are a very small startup just North of Houston, TX. We built this free hosting service after realizing the need for high quality affordable web hosting that paired with excellent customer service! We are here to offer: No ads, virtually unlimited resources (as much as you need as long as you are not abusing the system), also a very powerful user control panel that has all you need!

You being happy about our service is our greatest priority and we will do our best to make that true. We are a team inside the USA that works around the clock to help you get the most out of your website!

If you wonder how we are able to afford to offer this service for free. It's simply because of the ads you see on this website. You will never see ads on your website that is forced by us! We do offer an upgraded upgraded web hosting option. If you choose to the paid option then then we'll be very grateful for your support! Thanks for choosing us! Your Super Team At 0Zed! ;)

0Zed is owned and operated by MiniGig LLC.