Domain Names


ZeroZed offers you a free subdomain ( as part of our free offer. However you may want to have a top level domain name (tld) such as YOURNAME.COM.

Top level domains must be purchased from registrar's such as Godaddy. Which is why we created a special partnership with Godaddy, the top & most popular domain registrar on the web today. You can purchase domain names as low as $0.99 / year from Godaddy.

Once your purchase your domain name you can still host it with us by simply configuring it to point to our name servers.

To Get Started...

(If you aleady have a domain name that you would like to use, you can simply skip to step #5)

1. Visit Godaddy by clicking the big button below

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2. Search for your domain name

3. Click Add Next to the domain name along with the extensions you want. (,

4. In the top corner click 'Continue to Registration'.
Select any additional optional features and complete your registration.

5. Once you create your godaddy account. Go to 'All Products'->'Domains'->'Domain Managment'. You should find your new domain ( listed.
Go ahead and click it to edit domain details.
Scroll down to the middle page of the page, you will find the Nameservers section. Go ahead and click 'Set Nameservers'.

6. Enter the name servers

in Nameserver 1,2,3,4 respectively and click 'Ok'.

7. Thatís it! You then simply need to add the domain name to your ZeroZed hosting control panel (Domains->Addon Domain) and allow 24-72 hours for these changes to take effect on Godaddy's side!

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Disclosure: We do receive compensation for this referral. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best.