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10 Best Offline Android Games, Play It Without Internet Connection

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Playing games is a very fun thing and becomes an extraordinary entertainment for everyone, with games someone can spend hours without feeling. Here, we will show you the list of Best Offline Android Games.

So, games are a very exciting source of entertainment. If you like playing games, smartphones are the best theme for you. With a smartphone, you can play games wherever you are and even can do it without the need for an internet connection.

There are thousands of games available on Google’s play store, and most of the games require an internet connection to run because they store files and everything that is needed by the game online. So, to call or activate the game requires an internet connection. So, if you don’t have access to the internet, can’t you play games? Not really, because besides online games, there are also a number of games that are designed to be able to play offline. This is an alternative for those of you who don’t have internet data sets.

So, by downloading some of the best offline games, you can still play games on your smartphone when there is no access to the internet. Besides saving online games, you should also save some offline games. We have collected some of the best offline games that you can download and play without requiring an internet connection.

Below are some of the best offline games for your Android. With this game, you can still play the game even though you are running out of internet data packages.

The Best Offline Android Games

1. Big Little Farmer Offline Form – Casual

big little farming

This is a casual game that makes you feel at home to keep staring at your android phone screen. In this game, you will farm, build your farm, grow crops, harvest, and so on. Through this Big Little Farmer game, you can enjoy the pleasure of farming in cyberspace and relieve your stress with the workload piling up.

At first glance, it’s very easy, even though playing Big Little Farmer is not as easy as you might think. You need skills in farming. Here there is no battle or occupation that only farms, builds your business, and manufactures bread from your agricultural produce and even dairy products. After everything you do, you have to sell your agricultural products through trucks until you become a wealthy person if you are successful.

It’s not easy, you need to work hard, work skills and build your business empire and enjoy the results of your hard work.

Download the Big Little Farmer Offline Game

2. Quizoid – Trivia

quizoid, best offline android game

Furthermore, the best offline game for Android and that can be played without the Quizoid internet. Quizoid is an offline game about quizzes where you have to answer the questions that are asked. In the game, there are about 7000 questions and you have to answer them, all of them are stored or shared in 6 levels of the game. If you love quizzes and puzzles, make sure you are very happy with this game.

Furthermore, Quizoid offline games are divided into 17 categories, three game modes, and provide lots of hints to help you answer questions. The questions provided are in several categories such as art, literature, famous people, language, geography, medical science, mathematics, religion, mythology, and others. If you want to try to get excited about this game, download it below.

Download the Quizoid Offline Game

3. Special Forces Group 2 – Action (FPS)

Special Forces Group 2

This is a battle game that takes a lot of your time due to addiction. If you like First Person Shooter games, then with this game (special forces group 2) you can get exciting experiences by playing 3D Person Shooter games. You can play it singly or in multiplayer.

This game has 5 types of games such as Bomb Mode, Resurrection, Capture the Flag, Classic and Zombie Modes. For each team, you get 6 characters, 3 shotguns, 7 piostol, 4 sub and there are many other weapons that you can use to win your mission.

Interestingly, you can play the Special Forces Group 2 game offline without the need for wifi, or internet connection. Again, this game is among the fastest among other offline games.

Download Special Force Group 2

4. Overkill 3 – Action

best offline android games, Overkill 3

The other best offline games are from the action category. Overkill 3 is a very impressive game to play on your android without stopping. In this game you have to maintain a generator, this is a tool that helps you fight your enemies by using high-voltage lightning.

In this game, there is a group of cruel people who make anyone who disobey them. Your task in overkill 3 games is to save anyone who is innocent of killing bad people. The way to save them is to kill the bad guy.

Very interesting, because this game is available in offline mode so you can play it at any time whether there is an internet connection or not.

Download overkill 3 game offline

5. 3D Pool Ball – Sports

3D Pool Ball

3D Pool Ball is one of the best offline games in the sports category. This game offers billiards packages in 3D mode, this is really like you play in the real world.

You can build your heritage in the world of pools. In addition, you can also compete with other players throughout the world. You can play it great and get a trophy by beating other players.

Download 3D Pool Ball Offline Game

6. Darts King – Sports

Darts King - Sports

This is also a game in the sports category that you can play offline. Very exciting for those of you who like to play arrows.

We enter this arrow game in the list of the best offline games for android that you can play at any time you are. But if you want to play in multiplayer mode, it looks like you have to connect to the internet unless you only play singly.

How to play this arrow game is very easy, you just need to drag and move to throw arrows. Because it is free, of course in the game I have already planted ads by the creator.

Download and know about Darts King

7. Eternium: Mage And Minions – Roleplaying

best games for android Eternium: Mage And Minions

Eternium is a game designed with unique and modern features. Playing this game will remind you of Diablo and Torchlight. The unique feature is “swipe to cast” control and game rules that are easy to know “no paywalls, never pay to win.” If you play this game online there are indeed additional features that you can use, but offline, this game can also run smoothly.

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You can act like a witch or warrior using a large sword or ax. To be able to improve your attributes, you must continue to learn the tricks in Eternium.

Download Eternium Offline Game

8. SoulCraft – Action RPG – Roleplaying

SoulCraft - Action RPG

In the Roleplaying category, another best offline game is SoulCraft. An action game that can make you feel at home for hours in front of a smartphone. This game is actually for warriors who have finished ultimate death games and defeated crime.

This game has good and beautiful graphics with demons and criminals who are in various locations such as in America, Egypt, Rome, Venice, and others.

Download SoulCraft

9. Legend of Darkness-Offline RPG

SoulCraft - Action RPG

Next, the best offline game for Android is Legend of Darkness. This is one of the best games for those of you who like RPG games, you can play it offline anywhere.

To be able to level up, you must be able to defeat monsters. While to be able to destroy criminals or demons you must have a lot of equipment to be able to push them to death.

If the monster you are fighting against is strong, the award you get will be even better. So, you must be able to make strong equipment from the various materials that you get. That is the essence of this game.

Download Legend of Darkness

10. Beamdog Collection – Roleplaying

Best offline android games, Beamdog Collection

In the Roleplaying category, there are also games called Beamdog Collection. This is also one of the good games played offline.

Actually, Beamdog Collection is a PC-based game, but it’s ported to the Android version. This is a game RPG that can take a lot of your time.

Although this game is not free, it is very good for those of you who like to spend a lot of time in front of Android. Beamdog Collection includes complicated games that are recommended to be played on tablets or large sailing smartphones.

Download Beamdog