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The Best Password Managers 2019, Secure Your Online Accounts

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The online world is a world without limits. Various things can happen whether it is beneficial or harmful. One form of internet crime is theft of your account, your password or theft of other data. So, every user has to be smart in the online world and always careful when surfing in the virtual world. One effort to prevent this crime is to secure our passwords every time we are.

If we only use one account, it might be easy to control it. What if you have to maintain multiple accounts such as social media accounts, site data, or other data. Of course, this is very difficult to remember or difficult to store safely. Fortunately, there are now many good applications for managing your password.

The Best Password Managers

Below are some applications for managing your password. Maybe you can choose the best of them. To be clearer, see one by one the best application reviews to set your passwords below.

LastPass (Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome)

Best Password Managers

LastPass is one of the most incredible password managers I know. Fortunately again, this application is free but also available in the premium version. Of course, this version is more complete and steady. After installing and managing LastPass, this smart application allows you to import all your “save log in” like passwords, usernames from various browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge, or data stored on Safari.

After all your login data is imported into LastPass, this application also helps you to delete passwords and other data that is still stored on the computer. So, this provides security for the user.

Other free features that you can enjoy at LastPass are two-factor authentication, multiple identities, free credit monitoring, and automatic charging features for your shopping needs. Not only that, but LastPass also stores encrypted information on cloud servers. This is amazing because it allows you to use LastPass on another computer on your personal computer jam. So you no longer need to remember or memorize your login data.

But if you use the premium version, of course there will be various additional features that you can enjoy. Among them are additional authentication options, stellar tech support, and it is possible to synchronize data information from your computer to your cellphone. Until now, LastPass has continued to update after it has been hacked in the past. Now, LastPass has really solved hacking problems so it is very safe to use.

If you want to use LastPass, Let download at the link below
Download LastPass

1Password (for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)

the Best Password Managers

Besides FastPass, there is another password manager that is very popular, this is 1Password. This tool is equipped with cool magical features, it is able to generate strong passwords and store them safely. According to some observers, this tool feels superior in terms of its intuitive interface and provides a watchtower service to inform you of website violations. In addition, the virtual wallet provided can also store your various data safely and comfortably.

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The defense system in this tool is considered very strong even the developers dare to offer $ 100,000 for those who are able to hack. After you buy this tool, you can immediately synchronize anything locally. You can also synchronize with other computers or with other devices through Dropbox, iCloud, or other means.

Lack of 1Password is limited synchronization and no free version is available. If you want to buy and use 1Password, please download it in the link below.

Download 1Password

Dashlane (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)

Best Password Managers tool

Furthermore, the best password managers are Dashlane. The appearance is almost no different from other software. However, now it has undergone a drastic change in terms of its interface. This application is very simple but already supports two-factor authentication. Besides that, Dashlane also has the ability to change many passwords in just a few steps.

Dashlane also allows users to store passwords in the encrypted dome. This automatically allows you to synchronize to other devices. Through its digital wallet, you can do various transactions online with full comfort. If you have a hacked account, you can easily reset your password without having to navigate from the interface. Dashlane also has a premium version that is charged per year, this version certainly has more cool features that you can enjoy.

If you want to use the free version, please download it in the link below

Download Now

Roboform (Support Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome)

Best Password Managers App

Other Best Password Managers is RoboForm. This includes a very traditional password management tool. Of course, you will be familiar with its features. But that does not mean this tool can be considered weak or not qualified. Roboform is able to generate strong passwords, encrypt with AES256 bit encryption, save, and be able to synchronize with several other devices. This password management application has a simple interface and is considered easy for those who just use it or don’t use the internet often.

The application also offers intuitive parts such as the bookmark feature and Login location which are immediately filled when you want to shop online. In addition, it is also equipped with a business option section that offers you “data backup”, and the “login share” option which costs $ 20 to $ 30 according to the package you choose, this price for per year.

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These paid tools may be important for those of you who have a small company engaged in the data field. However, if you don’t control the company, it looks like you only have to use the free one even the free version already offers many interesting features for security. To use the Roboform application, please click the link below.

Download Roboform

Sticky Password (Support Windows, Apple, Android, iOS)

Best Password Managers tools

Sticky Password is one of the best password managers that comes from AVG antivirus creator. This tool is free but there is a premium version available that can offer additional capacity for storage in iCloud. This application creates a password that is super strong with AES-256 encryption and has very intuitive navigation.

Including Sticky Password advantage is supporting various browsers such as Pale Moon, Yandex, and SeaMonkey on desktop (mobile is a bit more limited). This tool also uses an encrypted syncing security system between devices to protect your sensitive data. It’s amazing, he is also equipped with Face ID and fingerprint sign-ins for passwords. It seems like this is the best choice for your business. Click the link below to download

Download Sticky Password