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How to Block Websites on Chrome Using Extensions

How to Block Websites on Chrome

It makes sense if you want to block some sites on the internet. Of the millions of sites, of course there are dangerous and not worth for watching. You must be very annoyed when an indecent site suddenly opens on your PC’s screen. So, we want to share tips about how to block websites on chrome browser. Why is chrome? Chrome is a popular browser today, of course, many Netter uses this browser so we want to explain how to block sites in chrome.

Here we see some effective ways to block websites through chrome. There are two choices you can take to block the web in chrome.

How to Block Websites on Chrome

#1. Use Chrome Extensions

One of the many tools developed by Developer is certain extensions that are used in chrome add-ons for various purposes, including website blocking. Here are some of the effective extensions used to block dangerous sites on the internet.

1. Block Site

Block Site is the best extension and can be handled for the purpose of blocking websites. You can control the blocking you will do.

The first step is to install the “block site” extension in your chrome, then you will see the form for blocking new sites in the right menu. Take that choice, and the site you are blocking is immediately turned off or can no longer be accessed through your browser. Another way can also be done, this is to right-click on a specific link to block pages specifically.

Block Websites on Chrome

After blocking the site, if you try to visit a blocked link, a message will appear telling you that you are prevented from visiting it. To configure extension work, click on the upper right icon in your chrome and select the option. On the site list tab, you can enter the link you want to block without having to open the site. To the right of each site you will find three icons as follows:

  • Arrow icon, this allows you to switch sites elsewhere.
  • Click the clock icon, this is useful for blocking sites within a few days as you wish.
  • Click the trash, it aims to remove the site from the blocking list.

To limit or block, return the Block/Allow button. This will block all sites except sites that are excluded below.

Block Websites on Chrome browser

Then see the “Adult Control” tab, here you can block all websites that contain explicit content. Actually, there are no perfect features, but at least the extension (add-on) can help you solve your biggest problem. Below you can enter certain words that you want. If this tool (extension) that you installed finds the word in the URL, it will block it.

How to Block Websites on Chrome

Then, in the “settings” tab you can set when the extension will block the site. In addition, you can also set one page, where all the websites you block will be redirected to that page.

On this page, you also set a password to be able to access the page you are blocking. So, if you block this website for children, you should use a password. When you accessing it, it’s will be easy for you.

Blocking site on Chrome

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2. StayFocusd

Not only uses the “block site” extension, how to block websites on chrome also effective with using the StayFocusd extension. It is also one of the chrome extensions. This tool is like having more features compared to the previous tool.

Install on chrome, after that add the site you want to block by using the icon extension that is on every site you visit. Click block sites, after that you should configure the settings.

Blocking Websites on Chrome

Take a look at the left side of the menu, there are several tabs that you should know its function:

On the left sidebar of this menu, you’ll see several tabs:

  • Maximum allowable time: You can specify how long it will take and access for blocked sites in one day. If time runs out then you can no longer access it.
  • Active Days: This allows you to choose which days the extension blocks the site
  • Active Hours: Daily time range for StayFocusd to block websites.
  • Daily Reset Time: Have when you first start in one day.
  • Blocked Sites: This is the place to add a list of sites that you want to block or block. StayFocusd gives advice to sites that need to be blocked, but this depends on your choice.
  • How to Block a site on Chrome
  • Allowed Sites: This is the place to add allowed sites
  • The Nuclear Option: This is another feature that allows you to block sites or websites based on the number of hours and this is separate from other settings. Once you activate this feature, you will not be able to cancel it.
  • Require Challenge: This is unique and truly effective for you in changing settings. This feature requires typing a long text without any wrong letters. You may not copy paste here (copy paste is not allowed). So, by activating this feature you will not easily change your settings to sites that you have blocked.
  • how to Block site on Chrome
  • Customize: Here is a setting of some settings such as a warning when the blocking time will run out.
  • Import/Export Settings: This feature allows you to copy this setting to another computer so you don’t need to set up from the start if you use another computer.

Our conclusion: If you are truly committed to blocking a number of sites that don’t shut down, then StayFocusd is a good choice.

3. Google’s Personal Blocklist

This differs from the two previous extensions. This tool does not completely block the site you want. But “Google Personal Blocklist” is useful for filtering domains from each of your searches in Search Engin Google. If you find a site that you hate in search, you can block it so that it will no longer appear in the next search.

Google’s Personal Blocklist

First download the extension, install it on your chrome then you will see the site blocking box under the Search box. You only need to click to add what sites you want to block. Well, after you block it, you won’t find it again on Google search.

If at any time you want to unblock a website that you have blocked, click the icon extension on the top right of the browser, select unblock. This extension also allows you to import or export a list of sites that you block to other computers.

# 2. Block Websites through your PC or Network

Although the technique on how to block websites is very easy to do with Add-On (extension), it is also very easy to delete. Chrome until now does not provide a feature to lock extensions. If you lock the site of children, smart children can easily access the site by removing the extension that you installed. So, this is a weakness of the extension. You can take another path to lock certain websites, this is through your PC or through the internet network itself.

So, to block websites through the network is to use the settings that are on the router. This method will limit internet access on certain sites so that the sites you block will be offline. If your child doesn’t know the password, they won’t be able to access the site they want.

1. Blocking site With the Hosts File

Another way to block websites is to use Host Files. This is a text document on your computer that helps transfer certain site names to IP addresses. So, by adding a few lines in this file you can block the website.

If you want to open this access in the modern version of Windows, open notepad as administrator. Write notepad on the Start menu, right-click and select Run as Administrator.

Select File> Open and browse locations like the following:

C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers \ etc \

Pay attention to the lower right corner, precisely in Open dialogue, you will find a drop-down box above the “Open” button, the sign: Text Documents (* .txt). Change to “All Files (*. *)“. Look at the picture below.

Block Websites on host

Next, open the file called “host” and there will be a simple text. At the bottom of the document, enter a new line and enter the list of websites that you want to block. spam.com

Add another line to block more sites, use the same format. When everything is done, don’t forget to select File> Save, and restart your PC to give effect. Now the site can no longer be accessed.

For how to block websites with this host, you should do a test. Sometimes, to run well you have to add www. before the website you want to block. (All image belongs to makeuseof.com)