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Where is Control Panel in Windows 10 – Look How to Open It

Where is Control Panel in Windows 10

Control panel on Windows 10 is different from Windows 7 because Windows 10 is newer and better. Many friends ask where is  control panel in Windows 10? So, on this occasion we will write about how to open a special Windows 10 control panel. What about you? How many ways have you mastered to open the control panel?

Tip: Because it is difficult to find a control panel app on Windows 10, then for those of you who like to use this feature you should create a shortcut on the desktop.

Below We will Explain 7 Ways to Open Control Panel in Windows 10

First: Open it in the Start Menu

Click on the bottom left, on the Start button to open the start menu. Then in the search box write Control Panel and click the result.

Control Panel in Windows 10

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Second: Open Control Panel from the Quick Access Menu.

This method is almost the same as the first method, it’s just that you right-click the bottom left or by pressing Windows + X. This will open the Quick Access Menu, then select “Control Panel“.

open control panel in w10

Third: Access Control Panel via Settings Panel.

Press Windows + I to open the panel settings. Then, tap control panel.

Control Panel via Settings Panel

Fourth: Open the Control Panel feature from File Explorer.

Go to the taskbar to tap the File Explorer icon. Then select Desktop and you will see the Control Panel right. Click 2 times to open the control panel

Open the Control Panel feature through File Explorer

Fifth: Access Control Panel via Run system.

To open RUN, press the Windows key + R. RUN dialog will appear and write “control panel” there and click OK, then the control panel window will appear immediately.

Control Panel via Run system

Sixth: Access with Command Prompt

1. Open the start menu by clicking on the start button at the bottom left. Then write cmd in the search city. Click on the black Command Prompt to open it.

Access with Command Prompt

2. Write the control panel at the Command Prompt and Enter.

Access with Command Prompt

Seventh: How to Open Control Panel from Windows PowerShell.

To go to the control panel application via PowerShell you have to go through two stages:

1. Click on the start button, select Windows PowerShell and enter.

Where is Control Panel in Windows 10

2. Then write “control panel” via Windows PowerShell, at a glance this is similar to Command Prompt. To be clearer, you can see the image.

Where is Control Panel in Windows 10

So the tutorial opens the control panel in Windows 10. All of these have completed it with images and sources, hopefully making it easy for you.

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