How to Delete All Photos from iPhone Quickly

Have you ever thought of removing all photos stored on your iPhone? It could be because all of your photos are bad, running out of the leadership room, or because you want your iPhone to be new and empty of anything. Is there a way on how to delete all photos from iPhone easily and quickly?

This is our discussion this time, how to delete all photos from the iPhone easily and quickly.

Remove Photos Via Mac

This really doesn’t need to be discussed because by using a Mac, you can easily delete it, not a secret here. But, this is just if you have a Mac. You just need to connect the cable from iPhone to Mac, then a window will appear showing the contents of your iPhone and just select the photo folder. Using this method you can easily delete all the photos on your iPhone in a snap. So, this is not our explanation here.

How to Delete All Photos from iPhone

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Delete Photos Only Using an iPhone Device

Tips to delete photos on iPhone using only your iPhone. This is dedicated to those of you who don’t have access to a Mac. Apparently, there is no easy way to delete photos quickly from your iPhone unless you want to clean everything on your iPhone by using nuclear cleaners. This is what you are looking for, you can go to settings >> general >> reset >> delete all content and settings. However, there are still other efficient ways to delete all photos on iPhone without having to delete one by one.

See how to delete all photos from iPhone?

Open the photos’ application from your iPhone, make sure you have selected all the photos from the bottom of the screen. Then click on a year, and your photo will be grouped according to the moment and according to the date it was taken. If you press the “select” button in the upper right corner you can (select) in groups, with one tap, all photos in the group will be selected. You can choose photos one by one but by selecting them in groups, this will speed up the photo deletion process.

After everything is selected, press the trash button and please confirm that you want to delete your photos. Quickly all your photos will be deleted. However, this photo is still stored on your device, and if you want to delete it permanently then go to Albums >> Recently Deleted >> and press select in the upper right corner and follow it with Delete All in the lower left corner. Now all your photos have been permanently deleted.

So, group your photos into moments, because this will make selection easier so that the deletion process can be quick.