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How to Delete Your Gmail Account

How to Delete Gmail Account

Google mail is the most popular email service in America. However, if you find out how to delete your Gmail account, we will give you the way. Removing Gmail can happen because you want to create a new Gmail or want to replace your email to another email provider.

One thing you must remember is that if you have deleted Gmail, then you cannot uninstall it. That is, this is permanent. So, before deleting it, you must first consider whether or not you really want to delete it. Because if you have pressed the DELETE button, you cannot undo again. You must be ready to say for the rest of your Gmail.

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How to Delete Gmail Account

Removing Gmail does not make another Google account deleted. But if you delete a Google account, then other accounts within the Google circle will be deleted such as youtube accounts, etc. So, if you only want to delete your Gmail account and leave the other account intact, we have a way on how to delete Gmail account, here’s how:

How to Change Email for Your Online Account

Before deleting your Gmail account, you must pay attention to whether there is an online account that is connected to Gmail like Facebook, Uber, or others. If there is, then replace your online email account first, then delete your Gmail.

How to Export Your Gmail Emails

If you delete your Gmail, of course this will delete all of your data in Gmail. So, to maintain and store this information you have to download the data from Gmail that you want to delete first.

When you log in to the Gmail you want to delete, try navigating to Google Takeout, this will make it easier for you to export your Gmail email.

Initially, everything is selected, so click on “Deselect All” at the top right.

How to Delete Your Gmail Account

Scroll down to the “Mail” section and Tick on the right side.

How to Delete Gmail Account

Then Click or Tap on “All Mail Data Included” to choose which data you want to download.

Delete Your Gmail Account

Next, click Ok, and click on MBOX format and click OK.

Delete Gmail Account

The next step, click on “Next Step” bottom right side. On that page, you can choose the delivery method like DropBox, Box, Onedrive, etc.

ways to Delete Your Gmail Account

Delete Your Google mail Account

Now, you ready to download your data. This data are useful to import to your new email in the future.

How to Delete Your Gmail Account easy

Ways on How to Delete Your Gmail Account

Access Account Preferences

If you have saved data from the e-mail you deleted, now your task is to enter the account you want to delete. When entering an account, navigate to myaccount.google.com, or click on the avatar of your account located at the top right, select Google account.

Next, select “data personalization” located on the left and select “delete a service of your account” in the “Download, delete, or make a plan for your data” menu on the right.

Deleting Your Gmail Account

The next step, click on “delete a service“. This will delete your Google services such as Gmail, youtube or other services specifically, while your Google account is still intact.

The Ways to Delete Gmail Account

That’s how to delete your Gmail account specifically. If you want to delete your Google account in total, you only need to click “delete your account” on the same page.