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How to Delete Instagram Comments with Easy

How to Delete Instagram Comments

Hello, One of my friends asked me how to delete comments on Instagram. Ok, I’m sure you are one of the Instagrammasters, right! It is always interesting to discuss social media because now the millennial era is synonymous with various types of social media. Instagram is an image-based social media that has now been acquired by Facebook.

However, now we want to discuss how to delete comments on Instagram. If you send a comment on one of your friends’ accounts and realize that you shouldn’t do it, or incorrectly tag someone, misspell the writing and other possibilities. Of course, you want to delete the comment. How to? Continue to follow this article, in this few sentences we will know how.

Follow the steps below to delete your wrong comments or delete other people’s comments that you don’t like.

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Ways on How to Delete Comments on Instagram

    • First: Tap on the comment button on the photo, aiming to open all comments and you can see your comments there or other people’s comments.
    • Second: Tap and hold on the comment you want to delete until the trash button appears in the upper right corner. View image!
delete Instagram comment
  • Tap on the trash can icon, and the comment is immediately deleted.

Now you can write back another appropriate comment or by using the correct spelling.

Well, that’s how to delete Instagram comments. You can delete your comments in someone else’s account or vice versa, delete other people’s comments on your account.