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How To Download GIFS From Twitter

download gifs from twitter

This time we will learn how to download gifs from Twitter. So, please note that when a Twitter user uploads a photo with a gif format to Twitter, the photo will automatically be converted into video and twitter. Although called a gift, technically this is a video. Consequently, you cannot right-click on the photo to “click save image”. You can’t do this as you normally do with ordinary GIF images.

Maybe, Twitter converts gifs into videos for some advantages such as lighter (smaller files) and easier to interact with. But it will be difficult to save and edit the image.

However, there are editing tools that can handle and provide solutions for you. So, you just need to open this GIFT editing tool, Gift Optimizer and paste the tweet link there. Then, it will automatically download and display videos. You can convert it back to the basic form, the GIFT format and save it to your device or edit it first.

So, how to download gifs from Twitter is easy. Just open the tweet and copy the URL from the browser and paste it into the gift optimizer tool earlier. Here’s an example of the link:

https://twitter.com/YahooTech/status/641234556025184256Paste into the tool gift optimizer.

It looks like the picture below. Good luck!

download gifs from twitter