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How to Fix an iPhone Charger – When You Have to Buy a New One

How to Fix an iPhone Charger

Are you an iPhone or iPad user, do you have a broken iPhone charger? Don’t throw it away right away because you might still be able to fix it. I will explain how to fix an iPhone charger with some simple tips.

Chargers for iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad often stop functioning or are damaged. It’s a shame if you have to change the charger every time with a new one. Because of this situation, it is not uncommon for your iPhone, iPod, and iPad to get damaged. So, on this occasion, we will provide a solution to fix it.

If you usually buy a new charger when the old one is broken, then try to fix it yourself at home, who knows you can save a little of your money. In addition to how to repair a charger, we will also provide information about when you need to replace your charger.

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1. How to Check if Your Charger is Working

This is an important step before you conclude to buy a new one or fix it. Charger iPad, iPad, iPod is divided into two parts, this is the Apple Power Adapter (the plug bit) and the Lightning to USB cable. The power adapter is the part that is connected to the wall or source of electricity, while the Lightning cable is part of the charger plugged into your iPhone or iPad. If these two parts are installed correctly, the charger starts charging to iOS.

So, there are some things that must be tested. You need to swap every part of the device, do it one by one to see what’s broken. Is the iPhone, a charge, an electric current that is not there or a broken socket.

  • Check the socket, is this broken? keep the other parts the same and now plug into another socket.
  • Possible iPhone, iPad broke? Try charging your iPhone or iOS using the same cable, adapter and plug socket. If it lights up properly, it means your first iPhone is damaged. In this case, you only need to repair the iPhone instead of the charger.
  • Maybe the cable is broken? To do this test, use a different cable (if you have one), use the same device, adapter, and plug socket. If you don’t have one, you can test it on Mac. Use the cable to connect your iPhone or iPod to Mac. If the Mac can read the cable synchronized with it, then your cable works.

Well, if you can’t confirm the damage to your iPhone, cable, or wall socket, you can be sure that the error is in the power adapter. But if you have another adapter, you can be sure to replace the adapter and keep using the cable, plug socket, and the same socket.

Below we will see how to repair damaged cables or damaged adapters. Hopefully, it can help you solve problems with your iOS charger.

2. How to Fix a Broken Cable

If the cable is wrong then it often happens at Apple’s Lightning cables, this part often wrinkles and becomes weak at the point where the port meets the cable. Over time this part will wear out and the plastic layer becomes damaged. If this is the case, you can rotate the gaffer tape so that the cable layer is strong again.

If it has weakened and faded, this kind of action is very helpful and makes your charger more durable. When you arrive at a situation where the cable is no longer functioning, of course, you have to take more absolute steps. This USB lightning cable can be repaired using a spread of soldering iron. Of course, you have to have a solder to do it.

3. How to Fix an iPhone Charger (Apple Power Adapter)

When you have to buy a new one for your iPhone? Well, if the wrong part of the charger is not a cable but an adapter, then we recommend that it is better to buy a new adapter. It’s different if you know exactly what you need to fix and you really can do it. But we do not recommend that you open or repair an Apple adapter.

New adapters at the store are sold for £ 19. You should buy a 12W USB Power Adapter model. This model can be used for more Apple devices and the charging process is faster than using Apple 5W.

If your adapter is damaged, it is not possible to repair it because the amount of glue in the internal part is really complex.