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How to Zip Files on Mac OS

How to Zip Files on Mac

Has anyone ever asked about how to zip files on Mac OS X? This will be our review on this occasion. Previously we reviewed about How to Open Zip Files on Mac. If you want to make zip files on Mac, this is very easy. By using Mac OS X you do not need to download another application to create or compress a file, several files or files as a whole in a folder. Of course, you can easily and quickly create zippers for your files. Here’s how to make it!

How to Make a Zip File on Mac OS X

This method can be used to create zip files, zip folders and combine them in one ZIP.

  • Allocate items or files to be zipped, you can search for files that you want to zip with Mac Finder.
  • If you have found the file, right-click on the file, in the folder or in some Zip files, then select “compress item”.
  • The file you just zip can be found in the same directory.
How to Zip Files on Mac

If one file is zipped, then the file name after zipping follows the basic name but has the extension.Zip

However, it will be different if the zip file is two files or many. Then the file name after zipping will be “Archive.zip”. And if there are several files that you zip, then the name of these files is “Archive2.zip”, “Archive3.zip” and so on.

How to Zip Files on Mac os

Such a method will apply to all OS X. To access files that have been compressed, you can read our article in “How to Open Zip Files on Mac X“.

How to Create a Zip from Command Line

In addition to making zip files using the standard Finder, you can also create zip files through the “command line” approach by using the terminal command “zip” with syntax like the following:

zip archive.zip file.txt

In addition, a simple way to create archives from the command line is to drag & drop, type “zip” and then drop the file to compress in the terminal window.

To open a zipper or unzippiing is also very easy, just with the “unzip” command like the following:

unzip archive.zip

If you want, you can determine other paths and details. However, if you only want to extract zip files, there is not much you can do but use the simple ‘Unzip’ command.