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iPhone 5s Home Button Not Working – 5 Ways on How To Fix It

iPhone Home Button Not Working

If the iPhone home button is not working, especially for iPhone 5s, you can use several methods to restore it as before. We will share this method for you. As you know, the iPhone is a mobile device that can always work well, but sometimes there are still troublesome problems.

One problem that is often experienced by iPhone users is the problem with the Home button. If you use the iPhone for a while, maybe this is reasonable because it is not responsive. But what if this happens for a long time, it looks like you are very annoyed. Don’t worry, we will fix this problem through 5 ways to fix the iPhone home button not working.

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How to Fix iPhone 5s Home Button Not Working

Method 1: Home button recalibration

Recalibrating is an important thing that you must try first when the home button doesn’t run before then taking the next step.

Select an iPhone application such as clock or Weather, for example.

Then, immediately press and hold the “power” button (sleep/wake button), until the slider appears.

The next step, press and hold the “power” button again until the slider does not appear again and you again see the home screen.

Then, the application will close.

Method 2: Restart your Device

Another way to fix the iPhone home button not working is with restart the device. In most cases, restarting can be a solution. Press and hold the sleep/wake button, when the slider appears, drag and turn off your iPhone. Again press the “Power” button (sleep/wake button), restart your iPhone. When the Home button is not working, usually this solution can finish the problem.

Method 3: Using the Connector

All you have to do to make the Home button work again is to use the connector to your iPhone 5s and apply pressure slowly. The location of the connector adjacent to the power button makes this method work to fix the Home button that is stuck on the iPhone 5s.

Method 4: Clean the button

The “Home” button often be a problem on any type of iPhone. If you have used the iPhone for several years. Usually, the Home button will experience problems such as not working. This can occur due to minor damage, or due to dust or other dirt. So, to fix it, you have to clean the Home button.

How to clean the Home button is very easy. Use alcohol isopropyl and a cotton swab, gently clean. If the Home button has been cleared, wait a few minutes to see your iPhone’s Home button back to work.

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Method 5: Reset the Settings

Reset will make your iPhone back as when you bought it. So all settings will return to factory settings. Before resetting, it’s a good idea to backup your data first.

If everything is done, and the iPhone is ready to be reset, then you go to Settings, click on General and select Reset > Reset all Settings.

Many iPhone users, especially the iPhone 5s find a solution to one of these 5 methods. So, if iPhone is Home Button Not Working, you don’t hesitate to try one of the methods we provide.