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This time we will talk about the best email application for the iPhone. E-mail is like a calendar, something that is private for you. In the past, e-mail was used only to send letters electronically but now has changed and developed not only limited to send an electronic letter. Now, all things relating to the online world are always tied to email. So, email is something that is very important now. Your Facebook account must be emailed, Amazon account, Instagram account, and all your accounts on the internet always need an email to activate.

Email is also something that is very difficult to change or even impossible for you if you already use email on some services. Moving or changing e-mail is the same as losing your account, so for some people, changing e-mail is as difficult as changing your physical address.

Speaking of e-mail, there are many best mail app for iPhone available, just like the calendar application that has many variations. I have tried several e-mail providers and the convenience and completeness provided are also different. One of the frequently asked questions is what is the best email application for iPhone? We will discuss this in the article.

For me, to answer this question, we must look at everyone’s needs. So, relative and this depends on each individual. Sometimes there are features that I use but you don’t need them. While there are other applications you like while I don’t look like a useful feature and others. In essence, the best email application depends on everyone, according to their needs in managing email. So, in this description, we will discuss at length about email application one by one. Of course, I will also choose one of them according to my needs and excellence from my point of view. While you may choose what you like.

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Note: This is only based on the application on iPhone because some email applications will work better on MacOS devices. So, we only discuss the best mail app for iPhone.

Best Email Application for iPhone

Apple Mail

Best Mail App for iPhone, Apple mail

Apple’s e-mail application is an app that is very widely used throughout the world. The application is free and has many advantages such as support for all types of accounts. Apple e-mail is very easy to start messages, quickly organize files, delete messages, or move folders. In addition, Apple mail is also easy to add photos/attachments and others.

Although Apple’s email is already very good, it is not impossible that other service providers innovate and outperform Apple mail. Using the Apple mail application has a very good experience but you still have a shortage for some users. For example, Apple email applications do not have snooze features, quick replies, and several other features.

Outlook – Free service

Best Mail App for your iPhone

Do you often use outlook services on PC or Mac? Maybe you will use this email service also on your iPhone. But don’t be surprised because the Outlook e-mail application on the iPhone is very different from your experience on a PC or Mac. This Outlook is not a traditional application but a new concept that has added what should be. Microsoft has repurchased Acompli in 2014 and renewed it, then relaunched it in 2015 and has been continuously upgraded to date with a variety of user needs.

Outlook has an appearance similar to Apple mail +. This application has a smart inbox (you can sort between important emails and non-important ones). With Outlook you can also schedule emails to display. This feature works to make your email not appear until you return to work. This application can also collaborate with third-party applications such as Google, Drive, Evernote, Trello, and others.

You could say, overall the application is an extraordinary outlook. It’s free and great.

Airmail – $ 4.99

The Best Mail App for iPhone

Furthermore, on the best mail app for iPhone list that we released there is an Airmail application. But unfortunately, this application is not free. Airmail is a third-party e-mail application that was present many years ago and supports all major e-mail accounts such as iCloud, Outlook, Google, Exchange, Yahoo, IMAP, etc. Just like other applications, since it was first released, Airmail always makes changes and updates.

The Airmail app can also be integrated with various other applications. Among them are Google Drive, Google Tasks, OneDrive, Calendar 5, Box, Dropbox, Trello, Evernote, Asana, Omnifocus, Todoist, Things, Deliveries, Drafts, and many more. Just like the outlook email app, it supports snoozing emails to other dates. From this e-mail, you can make PDF, mute or block sender, and are equipped with the “create a to-do” feature. Airmail provides a built-in lightweight to-do list.

When viewed from the design side, Airmail has a great design, attractive and in accordance with iOS design. Overall, airmail applications are fun to look at and this side stands out compared to other email applications.

One more thing, Airmail has a lot of buttons, all of which can be adjusted according to your wishes.

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Spark – Free

Best Free Mail App for iPhone

Spark is a new third-party e-mail service, but its arrival on the e-mail echoing the tagline “love your e-mail again” brings many changes. Even though it’s still new, but he keeps improving himself and keeps updating the application. One of the features is allowing you to control your inbox. Spark supports all accounts like iCloud, iCloud, Google, Outlook, Yahoo, Exchange, and IMAP.

Spark designed a smart inbox that can be managed in such a way. This allows you to manage your inbox with buckets features such as newsletters, new, seen, pinned, etc. Spark also has a snooze emails feature, delays email delivery (send later), email follow-up reminders, smart notifications, and many more integrated third-party applications such as Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, etc.). The Spark app is also like Gmail on Android which allows you to swipe right if you want to delete. In addition, you can swipe left to PIN. Likewise, if you want the calendar to be on the home page.

At the beginning of the release, Spark was not convincingly able to survive as a third-party email application. In fact, it is a free application and very many companies try their luck in the email application. But eventually, fail and have to close. But apparently, lately Spark has a good team plan and this answers this uncertainty.

The basic version of Spark is free and they have premium versions that are charged a monthly fee of course with various additional features including larger file storage, increased sharing links and control systems and team roles.

Dispatch – $ 6.99

The other best email application you need to know is Dispatch, but it’s not free. This e-mail application has been around for several years. The main purpose of the presence of email services based on this App is to help email processes quickly both to delete, defer, delegate, reply or generate actions.

This application also supports integration for various third-party applications. Besides that, Dispacth has a nice and comfortable interface design. But there is one drawback that in my opinion should be, this is whether or not Exchange support and actual push notifications.

Edison Mail – Free

Edison Mail is a cool application for your email on the iPhone. One of the advantages compared to others is incredible speed. This iPhone application provides an assistant feature to help you organize emails automatically. With Edison Mail, you can group your e-mail by category so that it is easier for you to find it.

In general, it can be said to be very good, but this application does not have prominent features like in other email applications. It is also equipped with basic features that are often used by users such as snoozing, swipe options that can be adjusted. This application also uses the undo system, so you can undo if you email the regret you sent, the undo time is around 3 to 15 seconds. Just like other email applications, Edison Mail also supports accounts like Google, iCloud, Yahoo, Outlook, Exchange, and IMAP.

One thing that is still doubtful about using this e-mail application is because it is frustrating. Besides that, I also don’t know how their long-term business plan.

Astro – Free

Astro is one type of application that is fun to use. It is equipped with an AI assistant that helps you send emails quickly. It also has the “sent email later” feature, reply tracking, email reminder and undo send. Including a unique feature is the possibility of a user to track his email. In addition, Astro can also remind you of questions in your email. If you use Slack, you can also integrate it.

Included in Astro’s shortcomings is that it doesn’t support many applications. For now, it only supports Google and Office 365 accounts. If you want to use an Astro account, I recommend that you check again.


With various experiences with various email service providers. Of course, I have my own conclusions and it can be different from you. In my opinion, if you often use Apple Email and want to get some additional features, the best mail app for iPhone is an application that is almost the same as Apple Mail, this is the OutLook.

But if you consider the experience of playing email, try using Spark. The Spark feature is suitable for use by company accounts. They also continue to make updates to date with various innovations.