How To Manage Storage On iPhone

How To Manage Storage On iPhone With Easy, You Have to Know

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Having a smartphone is certainly very encouraging. However, it is even more exciting if your smartphone has a large storage capacity. To get an iPhone with large storage memory, of course, you have to spend more. Because of this, many Smartphone fans buy cheap iPhones with standard storage capacity.

But after a few years, your iPhone feels like it has reached its storage limit. Even though you still have free space around a few GB, you certainly need to make your storage settings. By managing the storage space on your iPhone, of course you can get what you are looking for quickly. If at any time you have to throw away some applications or photos, you can easily get them easily.

How To Manage Storage On iPhone

In essence, you now need to learn how to manage your iPhone storage space. In this article, we will explain to you how to manage storage on the iPhone. So, read on until it’s finished.

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How to Check Your iPhone Storage

Before making changes, of course you must know how to check your storage, is it full or not? So, you have to know in advance how much memory you have left and how much you have used.

With a little knowledge, you can easily check your iPhone’s memory capacity. Open “Settings” and search for “general > iPhone Storage. See the following image to facilitate your work.

manage your iPhone storage
manage your iPhone storage

At the top of the screen, you see a colorful bar that signifies the specific category that consumes storage space. There we see that the photo is the biggest one that consumes storage space.

For example, in the picture above you know that most of your storage space has been used for storing photos. While other important categories are applications.

Ok, I hope the picture above and a little explanation can help you step further in managing storage space on your iPhone.

How to Manage Storage on iPhone

If you already use iOS 11, you will easily control and manage storage for each application in more detail compared to the previous one. If you uninstall the application, the application will be deleted but the data will still be saved. This makes it easier for you if you want to download it again in the future.

For applications that store data in iCloud such as Gmail and One Drive, this does not experience significant differences from the previous version. If you use local applications such as games or other applications, this is very interesting for you to manage and control them reactively without having to lose data.

If you want to offload case-by-case application, please go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage. Next, please scroll down to the application list, now you tap once on the application that you want to offload it. When the information screen appears, tap on the Offload App.

Besides that, there are other alternatives that you can do. If you want your iPhone to offload the application automatically when the storage space will be full, please go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage, select Enable, which is next to the Offload Unused Apps.

How to Manage Storage on iPhone
manage iPhone storage

Manage Photo and Video Storage on Your iPhone

To manage your photo storage on iPhone there are several ways you can do it. To find out how much storage space is available, please go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage, then tap on the photo application. Next, you will see three options as below:

  • iCloud Photo Library
  • “Recently Deleted” photo
  • Review Personal Videos

For each entry above, your iPhone will tell you how much space you can save.

Manage Photo and Video Storage on Your iPhone
how to manage video on iPhone storage

First: iCloud Photo Library. This will save all your photos automatically in iCloud storage and delete them on the iPhone.

Second: All your photos at Recently Deleted albums will be deleted and this will give you lots of free space.

Finally: try to revisit your video, the iPhone will scan your video and it will tell you which videos are consuming a lot of space. So, you can delete it whenever you want.

Important: You need to know, long videos with long duration do not always have a large size. The size of a video is determined by the pixel and quality of a video.

Manage Your Contacts Storage on iPhone

The way to optimize storage space on the next iPhone is to check your storage contact. Even though it’s small, you can save a little of your storage.

Right, every contact only takes a very small size room. However, if you have used the iPhone for years, of course the volume of your contacts will swell and expand. Do you understand? Let me explain to you.

Maybe you have contact with your colleague in a company that you never use again, your old friend’s contact number that never contact you again, or a variety of contacts from your merchant, customer or contact number in the past that have no connection with you because you have already moved home addresses and so on. As a result, your iPhone is full and you cannot take photo anymore or can’t save your latest photos.

How to manage your iPhone storage

So, all of that is worth throwing out the trash cans, and it can save a lot of space for the latest storage. In addition, this cleaning will also give you a list of contact numbers that are more useful, slim and useful.

How to Manage Contacts Storage on iPhone
How to Manage Contacts Storage on iPhone

The first step, turn off synchronization of contacts with accounts that you don’t need, this will give you a little empty space. To prevent your contacts from being synchronized, please go to Settings > Accounts & Passwords, click on the correct account and swipe toggle (slide towards off) next to the contact, now your device will delete the contact without doing anything else.

If you want to delete locally stored contacts or contacts that you have saved in iCloud, please follow the instructions below:

  • Open the contact application,
  • Then click on the contact you want to delete,
  • Select EDIT in the top right corner,
  • Scroll down, and tap on “Delete Contact“.

How to use Third-Party App to Manage Storage on iPhone

If you don’t like managing iPhone storage directly, you can use many third-party applications that allow you to manage storage on your iPhone. However, this application is generally paid.

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1. iMazing

iMazing, you can also use iMazing for managing your iPhone storage. This is a backup and recovery application and this is better compared to Apple’s default backup tool. This tool is also useful for managing storage on your iPhone.

iMazing can be used to manage the iPhone, including backups of data, photos, music, messages, ebooks, contacts, and applications. You can also move your data from iOS to Mac, PC.

Download: iMazing ($ 55)

2. iExplorer

Beside iMazing, you also can use iExplorer, it allows iPhone users or owners to move data from iPhone, iPad, iPod to PC, Mac, by dragging and dropping it. This is a good and easy way to manage your storage.

This application not only functions to manage music, photos or videos but also can manage your data such as voice messages, contacts, reminders, calendar notes, and others.

Please download: iExplorer ($ 40)