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How to Open Zip Files on Mac Using Default Archive Utility

How to Open Zip Files on Mac

A zip file is an archive for combining several files in one compressed package. Both compressed several folders or several single files. Usually, files in zip format are obtained from downloading files on the internet to Mac or Windows. Previously, Zip files were only limited to Windows but are now made for Mac.

Well, if you get a zip file on Mac. maybe you are wondering how to extract it so you can open it. now it’s easy for you. Opening zip files on a Mac is no longer a difficult thing now because the Mac already has built-in utilities.

A Zip file is only a file with a .zip extension that is used to hold a file or several other files in a compressed form. So, zip files are only data that is presented in the form of a single archive. Meaning, inside it contains a file or several files such as a folder that contains many .JPEG files or several .JPEG files that are compressed directly without a folder.

How to Open Zip Files on a Mac

This is our problem today, follow the following method to extract files in a .zip format on your Mac.

  • Find the location of the Zip file on your Mac
  • Double click the .zip extension file will open or extract the file, you don’t need a third-party application like WinRar to extract it like in Windows.
Open Zip Files on Mac OS
  • After completing the extraction, the unextracted file will appear in the same folder as the original .zip format.
Open Zip Files on Mac

As in the picture above, you see a file called archive.zip extracted, then the extracted file appears with the name “archive” but no longer on the .zip format. Now, you can open the file as usual.

In addition to double clicking, opening a zip file on Mac can also be done by right-clicking or Control + clicking on a .zip archive and selecting “Open“. Besides using the default Mac utilities. You can also use third-party applications.

However, if you use third-party applications, you can open the zip file by right-clicking and then selecting “open with” and selecting the installed application.

how to Open Zip Files on Mac OS

Mac OS not only can extract the files but also has the ability to create zip files and even create Zip files protected by passwords.

If a Zip file uses a password, then you must enter the password correctly before extracting the file.

How to Open Zip Archives on Mac Using The Unarchiver

Another way to open zip files on Mac is to use a third-party application and one that is popular is The Unarchiver. To do this, you must download the “Unarchiver” application first and install it on your Mac.

How to Open Zip Files on Mac
credit: osxdaily.com

Once you have installed The Unarchiver and launched it, this application is connected to all types of files that are on the Mac. Thus, this allows you to open all Zip files and all archive forms that are not supported by the default archive utility.

Unarchiver applications can be used to open zip files, and can also open RAR files on a Mac, zip CPGZ files, bz2 bzip, gzip gz, .7z files, .sit, tar, and even more types of files that can be opened. Supports many file types, the Unarchiver application is one that you need to add on your Mac, it will help your performance.

Whether you choose to zip files with the default archive utility or use the Unarchiver application, this is up to you. Both can open zip files on your Mac. It’s just that third-party applications can open more types of archive.