How To Download GIFS From Twitter

This time we will learn how to download gifs from Twitter. So, please note that when a Twitter user uploads a photo with a gif format to Twitter, the photo will automatically be converted into video and twitter. Although called a gift, technically this is a video. Consequently, you cannot right-click on the photo to “click save image”. You can’t do this as you normally do with ordinary GIF images.

Maybe, Twitter converts gifs into videos for some advantages such as lighter (smaller files) and easier to interact with. But it will be difficult to save and edit the image.

However, there are editing tools that can handle and provide solutions for you. So, you just need to open this GIFT editing tool, Gift Optimizer and paste the tweet link there. Then, it will automatically download and display videos. You can convert it back to the basic form, the GIFT format and save it to your device or edit it first.

So, how to download gifs from Twitter is easy. Just open the tweet and copy the URL from the browser and paste it into the gift optimizer tool earlier. Here’s an example of the link: into the tool gift optimizer.

It looks like the picture below. Good luck!

download gifs from twitter

Best Android Emulator for PC, Get Android Experience on PC

Along with the popularity of Android, the more people want to experience Android playing on a PC. This is called the Android emulator for PC, through this application you can play your Android on a PC with a large screen. Providing extraordinary experience by playing android on a PC screen with a mouse and keyboard. Now emulator for PC is not only available for Android but also available for iOS devices. However, Android emulator for PC is considered better and works more perfectly. [Read more: How To Split Screen On Windows]

In this article we will show you some types of android emulators for PCs, one of which is well known is BlueStacks. This application is always the best in the list of telephone emulators for PCs. While some other emulator applications also seem to continue to go forward and developed by the developer. Here are some android emulators for PC, hopefully helping you who want to get a different experience in playing an android.

Best Android Emulators for PC in 2019

1. Nox Player

Nox Player is an emulator application to help you play android on a PC. This is an application that targets Android games, Mean: this application is better than the side of playing Android games. However, Nox Player can also be used to play an android application but to play the game is considered very good. This application is suitable for playing android games like PUBG or Justice League. The great thing about using Nox Player is that it’s free and free of ads, you don’t see any ads at all in this application.

By using the Nox Player application, you might map the keyboard, mouse, and gamepad. So, you can map or specify certain keyboard keys for movement in the game, such as swiping right or left.

In addition, you can also control RAM and CPU usage, this is in the settings options. You can set this to get optimal results in playing games.

However, Nox Player also has disadvantages such as giving a lot of load in your system. So, you cannot install many applications on your device.

Download Nox Player for free

Why do you have to use Nox Player?

  • Many windows on one device,
  • Can map shortcuts in one controller
  • Easy to root and important 100% free and no ads

2. BlueStacks

BlueStacks is one of the Android emulators for PC that is very well known among Android users. This emulator is used by many young people to play android games on PC very easily. You can download it in the PlayStore and can also download via the BlueStacks store itself. Just like Nox Player, BlueStacks also supports mapping keyboards but is still far from perfect as it does not match its movements.

The only drawback to using BlueStacks is that it is slow and full of advertisements embedded in the application, this is sometimes much better using other free applications that don’t use ads.

In particular, BlueStacks 4 is an android emulator that can provide an amazing game appearance. It is also low in CPU usage and memory. In fact, it claims to be 6x faster than the Samsung Galaxy S9 +. Now, the BlueStacks emulator is based on android 7.1.2

Available in two versions, free and premium for $ 24

Why do you have to use BlueStacks?

  • It is very easy to set without the need for special abilities
  • Supports multiple accounts,
  • For the latest Android version.

Download BlueStacks 

3. MEmu

MEmu is the latest emulator application that helps you experience the Android playing on PC. The new application was launched in 2015, it also focuses on Android games. In terms of speed, MEmu is able to provide good speeds like x player and BlueStacks.

There is an amazing feature of this emulator application, this feature is its support for AMD and Nvidia chips. In fact, MEmu also supports various versions of Android such as Jelly Bean, Kit Kat, and Lollipop. However, MEmu doesn’t really support high-performance games, the smoothness of graphics will disappear in some high-performance games. For now, your ME is based on Android Lollipop.

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Why choose your ME?

  • Price: Free
  • Support mapping of keys,
  • Set your virtual location on Google Maps
  • Support AMD and NVidia

Download MEmu

4. Ko Player

Furthermore, there is Ko Player, its existence is also the same as other Android emulators, it also focuses on better games. Ko Player offers the experience of playing android games on a PC with lightweight software.

However, unlike the Nox ad-free player, Ko PLayer places ads on the interface screen. Maybe this is natural because it’s free to use.

This android emulator application for PC also supports keyboard mapping, gamepad, and has a familiar and easy navigation menu. There are still other weaknesses from Ko Player, sometimes when you are playing on a PC, this application freezes suddenly. Another thing is sometimes makes the user buggy and it is difficult to uninstall this application.

The advantages of KO Player are:

  • Free
  • Simple UI
  • Runs on any Android device,
  • Easy to set

Download Ko Player for Free

5. Genymotion

Genymotion, this is an android emulator for PC but not for game players but for developers. This simulator allows you to test applications developed through virtual devices with various versions of Android. This emulator application can work with the Android SDK and Android Studio. Also, the Genymotion emulator application can work even on MacOS and Linux devices.

Because it is only targeted at developers, of course the features are complete, so this application is available in version, Trial and premium. For the premium version, developers often pay $ 136 per year.

Genymotion Advantages:

  • Supports Android Studio,
  • Runs on MacOS and Linux,
  • Runs on Android 4.1 to 8.0

Download Genymotion for Free

6. Android Studio

Next, the Android emulator for PC is Android Studio. This application is a developer of IDE (Integrated development environment), this is also specifically for developers and comes from Google itself. The Android Studio application is equipped with various plugins and tools to help developers create applications.

Android Studio is an emulator application that has default and packed emulators with fewer features compared to Genymotion. This is an emulator specifically for developers not for general users. Although difficult to install, but this application is very much in demand.

Why choose Android Studio?

  • Free
  • Google official emulator,
  • Perbahatui regularly,

Download Android Studio App

7. Remix OS

Remix OS is an android emulator that is different from other emulators, Remix OS is an application that can be booted. So, this application must be installed in a partition separately to be able to run it. Different from other emulator applications that can be easily above windows.

Remix OS is an application that is formed by Google employees and is famous for Jide technology products. For your convenience, you can put Remix OS in USB and boot from there to various computers. This android emulator is great for productivity applications and is not suitable for heavy gameplay.

Now, Remix OS has been stopped by Jide company. But you can still download it for the Android version of Marshmallow. However, for Remix OS users there are other similar and popular choices, this is Phoenix OS. The Phoenix OS application has just been updated to Android 7 Nougat.


  • Free,
  • Experience the Android OS,
  • New file manager,
  • Good for productivity applications

Download Remix OS