How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Have you ever been worried and felt bad using social media like a facebook, worried about your privacy being spread. Even you feel bored or consider a lot of wasted time with the virtual world. There are many reasons you are out there until you want to delete your Facebook account permanently but sometimes you don’t know how.

In this short article, will provide an explanation and steps to delete your account. But, I will also give you a way to temporarily deactivate your Facebook account.

How To Delete Facebook Account

If you really want to delete your Facebook account, you are not alone. There are many people who also have the same principles as you. They are worried about their health because they are staring too long at a computer screen, cellphone etc. or because they waste a lot of their time. Apart from all that, deleting a Facebook account is not a difficult thing as you think. With just a few steps you can deactivate it or delete it permanently. Here’s how you do it.

Before you act, you must first know the difference between deactivating an account and deleting an account permanently. So, there are two ways to make your Facebook account offline. One of them is to deactivate the account and the other is to permanently delete.

What happens when you deactivate the account:

  • If you want to reactivate your account, you can do it at any time.
  • Your friends or anyone who has a Facebook account, they cannot see your homepage and will not find you in the search box.
  • Some things can still be seen by your friends, such as private messages that you send.
  • Under this conditions, Facebook still keeps all things related to your account like your friend’s list, your data. All of this will return to normal when you re-activate your Facebook.

If you delete your account, your problem will be different. Let see what happens to the account if you delete it.

  • Facebook suspends several days of deleting your account after submission. If within this grace period you log in, your account is canceled from deletion
  • If your account has been deleted, you can no longer get your account. Maybe you want to join more, of course you have to create a new one.
  • After deleting a Facebook account, your data remains on the Facebook server for 90 days and then deleted. However, in this situation, you cannot access it.
  • Some data that is not stored in your account is like the message you sent to friends, this will still be accessible by your friends because it is stored not on your Facebook account.

Actually, deactivating a Facebook account is a temporary escape from the busy world of online. However, deleting a Facebook account is crucial and the final solution that you must delete when there is no other solution. You have to think carefully about this because you will lose your account permanently and in totality.

After knowing the difference between the two, here we look at both ways, both to deactivate the account or delete it.

How to Deactivate Facebook Account

If you want to temporarily run away from the negligence of cyberspace and want to quit Facebook for a while, follow the steps below.

1. Click the down arrow at the top right, you can see it on each Facebook account or your browser top corner.

2. Select the text “settings”

3. Next, click “general”, you can find it in the left column.

4. Click “Manage your account”

5. Then, click “Deactivate your account”, and follow the directions.

6. Well, after disabling the account. If you want to restore or reactivate your Facebook account, you just need to “log in” as usual, enter your email and password as usual and your account will be active again as usual.

How to Delete Facebook Account

If you conclude to delete your Facebook account, then you have taken a serious decision. Remember! after being deleted, you no longer use it permanently unless you create a new account.

I suggest to think about your decision again, if your Facebook has developed with a lot of friendship and active, you should not disable it. This can eliminate social relations, business prospects, or promotional media for you. However, if you have thought carefully, please run your decision. Here’s how to delete a Facebook account.

Click the link below and press “delete account”.

Look, how to delete facebook account

It would be good, before deleting your account, download the Facebook data first. Follow the steps below:

1. Click the small menu in the arrow down direction, it is on the right of each browser.

2. Click “Download a copy of your Facebook data”, located at the bottom of the general settings.

3. Next select “Start My Archive”.

The data you download is information about your Facebook profile, you should save it carefully. Who knows, sometimes you want to create a new account.