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How To Post On Instagram From Laptop, Look Simple Tips

How to post on Instagram from laptop? Do you want to get a different experience? Now you can post on Instagram from your laptop. Forget your cellphone and let’s access Instagram and post pictures on Instagram using a laptop. You can do it thanks to the following little hack.

How big your mobile screen is, using a desktop or laptop is much more comfortable and easy for any purpose. Just imagine, how easy it is when you type in your Instagram caption, adding many hashtags through your laptop. If you are curious about how to use a laptop to post on Instagram, read on this article.

How To Post On Instagram From Laptop
wersm.com, this is before set your safari

One problem, the Instagram website prevents you from posting photos?

Not as you know, with a little hack, you can use the Instagram website to post photos, so you can do it through the desktop. This is work after hack your browser. This hack is very functional if you use a Safari browser. But you can also do this hack in Google Chrome.

1. How to post on Instagram from Safari on your laptop

a) Open the Safari browser and make sure you have a developer tool.

If on the safari you are using does not have the Develop menu then go to Safari > Preferences > Advanced, then select “Show Develop menu in the menu bar”.

post on Instagram through safari

b) Click on the “Develop” menu in the top menu bar and select “User Agent” and “Safari – iOS – iPhone”

With that arrangement, this ordered safari to display any website as they displayed on the iPhone. The magic thing here is that Instagram’s responsive code believes that you are using an iPhone, even though you are using a laptop. Meaning, Instagram opens or unlock all keys for all iOS application features.

Post On Instagram From Laptop
wersm.com, After setting your safari browser, appear IG menu to upload

That’s how to post Instagram from a laptop, it’s not easy!

This hacking method not only allows desktop users to post pictures but also allows you to add hashtags, tag other users, and even add your location to post. Now it’s also easy to get involved with your community through action to reply to comments.

2. How to post on Instagram from Chrome

What if you use Google Chrome? Hacking tricks like the one above can also be done on Chrome. But for Google Chrome this is a bit different and complicated.

Open Google Chrome, click on “view” >> “Developer” >> “Developer Tools.” Then you choose “Toggle device toolbar” (in Top left corner of the Developer Tools, if you use the window, or CMD + SHIFT + M on a Mac), then select “iPhone” in the “Responsive” drop-down.

Because you use Google Chrome, there is one addition, you must reload the chrome with Developer Tools open.

That is how to post on Instagram using the safari browser and chrome via a laptop or Instagram site on Windows and Mac.

If you succeed in using it, there is nothing wrong if you share this with your friends so that they can also try the experience of surfing on Instagram through his laptop.