How to Remove Android Malware

How to Remove Android Malware from Your Smart Phone

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How to Remove Android Malware – Google products are indeed more safe from attacks by various viruses, but that does not mean that Android devices cannot be attacked by viruses. The stronger the Google defense system, the virus is also growing and anti-virus is also developing. For that smartphone users must also be aware of the various possibilities of contracting malware or virus. Most of the causes of a device being attacked by a virus are downloading unauthorized applications or opening dangerous sites that spread viruses.

Now many viruses are spread by certain people through porn sites, free applications, cheat codes, or from games. If you often surf the virtual world through one of the causes above, you must have a strong defense system on your Android device or iOS. If you find your Android is slowing down, or there is damage when accessing, then do malware cleaning on your device.

How to clean malware is to remove suspicious applications. Discard the infected application, before the virus or malware gets infected with another device or damage your cellphone. Below is how to remove malware on Android and how to protect your Android from further malware attacks.

How to Remove Android Malware

1. Shut Down Until You Know the Source of Virus

Make sure that your cell phone is infected with malware. If you are sure that your Android is attacked by a virus, press the power button and record your Android in total. This cannot stop malware from damaging your cellphone but can withstand and prevent more damage.

Well, the purpose of turning off your Android is to give and time to think and research about things happening. When the cellphone is dead, the virus cannot work and develop. Think about whether you have downloaded an application, installed a certain application in the past or several other possibilities. If you feel that you did not do so, then the source of the disaster has not been found. Now try moving to the computer and investigate the application you are using. If you can’t find the source of the problem, of course you can’t solve the problem of malware that attacks your cellphone.

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If you haven’t found the root of the problem, you may need to turn on your cellphone for a while and use an anti-virus application to detect viruses. However, you must use the internet network again to be able to use anti-virus. You have to go to dangerous space (the internet is the path of malware coming).

2. Switch to Safe or Emergency Mode while You Work

After you restart your device, you should first switch to safe mode. This aims to minimize the virus attacks that are already on the device.

How do you enter safe mode on Android? If you use Android, the way to switch to safe mode is to press and hold the power button a few seconds when your cellphone is on. After several options appear, press the “turn off” option. After this several options will appear including one of them is the safe mode option. Tap this option and wait a while for your cellphone to reboot into safe mode.

If you don’t find an option on your device, look for the aircraft option to turn off your cellphone connected to the internet network.

Note: If you have not been able to find out the root of the problem or the source of the virus until now. Then contact a professional expert to handle your problem. If you cannot kill the virus except by removing or factory reset, then do it.

3. Open the Settings and Find the Application

Visit Settings on your Android application. By default, the settings are marked with a gear wheel icon. However, if you have changed the appearance of the phone, the icon setting depends on the theme you are using.

In this setting, please scroll down until you find the Application section, you can see a list of applications that you have installed. If it’s already there, look for the infected application and become the root of the problem for your device. This is done if you have guessed that a certain application is causing a virus.

Ok, select the application, and you will be faced with the choice of uninstalling or force close. If you cannot uninstall the application, then disable is the best choice.

4. Remove all suspicious applications

The next step on how to remove Android malware is by removing the infected application from your mobile, press uninstall. Pay attention to all applications, if there is something you don’t know or you never installed, immediately do the same (uninstall). Some applications are sometimes installed themselves when we play cellphones. For this reason, if you don’t know the application you should delete it.

Note: Some applications cannot be deleted, the way that must be taken is to disable the application.

However, there are some smart viruses and malware, they take refuge in administrator settings so they are not killed with applications that have been deleted or removed.

If this happens, you can overcome it easily. You return your phone settings to the original settings. The trick is: Go to Lock Screen and Security. In this section note “Phone (Device) Administrators.” You must visit the “Other security settings” first, more precisely this depends on how your device is first set. On “Phone Administrators” you can activate the ability to delete viruses and malware.

Download some malware protection

If you frequently surf the internet through devices, you must secure your device with anti-malware or anti-virus. Security applications are very widely spread in the Play Store, starting from free to paid. So, don’t forget to install an anti-malware application to keep your cellphone in the future from malware attacks.

If you are confused about what application to choose, maybe we can give you a view about anti-malware. Some anti-malware applications that you can try are 360 Security, AVG Antivirus through the Google Play Store, or Avast Security.

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Ok, after your device is secured with anti-virus, there are other things that are very important for you to pay attention to. This is to keep your anti-virus updated. Forgetting anti-malware updates means you open the door to destruction on your cellphone.