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How To Fix Screen Overlay Detected on Phone

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Have you ever had a “screen overlay detected“, what did you do, did you panic? If a “screen overlay detected” appears on your mobile and doesn’t know how to fix it, then continue to see this article. We will explain why this message appears and how to fix it so that this message disappears.

Follow the guidelines and the following steps to eliminate the screen overlay detected.

Screen Overlay Detected, Error Message: See the Cause

The problem that arises is that suddenly your android notifies you that a screen overlay is detected. This message appears when you run a floating application and it can also occur when you start the application you just installed. Some floating applications include facebook messenger chat, this application can float above other applications on your screen.

Some affected smartphones are like Samsung, Motorola. This is known from the reports of several cellphone users. AndroidPIT is said to have replicated behavior on Vodafone and Samsung. Replication of problems that occur is done using Drupe, but ES files, cleanmaster, explorer, lux, twilight, are all blamed for the problems that occur.

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For security measures, the application requests permission to use certain parts of your cellphone such as internal storage, cameras, and others. In theory, the screen display can interfere with dialogue so you have to turn off the interaction feature with the dialog.

How to Fix Screen Overlay Detected? Look Below

1. Fix Screen Overlay Detected

The first step to repairing a screen overlay is to check all applications related to this problem, find out what application is asking permission to draw on the screen. If you are using a non-Samsung smartphone, follow these steps for a fix screen overlay detected.

Open settings, click or tap on the magnifying glass at the top right. Then enter the “draw” search term. Tap Draw above other applications. Followed by Alternate route: Apps> (gear icon)> draw over the apps.

How to fix screen overlay detected on Samsung

Open settings, then open the application > continue with Application manager > press “more” > press “Apps that can appear on top”.

How To Fix Screen Overlay Detected

2. Check Up Permissions Apps

You will find a list of applications that allow the use of floating or screen overlays. You must identify the application that is considered problematic. To find out which applications have problems with this, here are ways to check:

  • Are there application bubbles on the screen of your smartphone? If there is, this application is almost certainly the cause, whether you hide the application bubble or deactivate the application on the list.
  • Have you ever installed an application that changes color and or adjusts brightness?
  • Some say that Clean Master is the cause of the problem, so if you find the clean master application in the suspicious list, turn it off immediately
  • If there are no obvious causes, you can deactivate everything.

3. Re-Try the App

Try to launch the application again, and should now ask permission without a “display overlay detected” error there.

For those of you who use Samsung, we received reports that the one-handed keyboard setting was the cause. The fix it, go to settings > Advanced features > one-handed operation.

4. Reactivate the screen overlay

To restore the application function that you disabled in the second step, now you must re-enable the overlay permission. If you have disabled all applications, now you are worth considering to only activate useful applications.

5. Use Safe Mode

If all the steps above have not succeeded in repairing Screen Overlay Detected, don’t despair, there are still additional steps you can try. Here you must use the “safe mode” feature of Android to manage application permissions. This method requires you to remember applications that have problems such as Facebook messenger or What app).

  • Press the power button on your mobile
  • Press and hold the Power Off option at the prompt pop up,
  • If you have held it for a few seconds, another pop up prompt will appear, asking you to activate the safe mode.
  • Take the OK option, then your cellphone will reboot into safe mode.
  • Well, when your cellphone is on, go to Settings and enter to Apps.
  • If you have arrived here, scroll down and find applications that have problems with screen overlay detected, select it
  • On the app page, take permissions
  • On the excuse page, activate all permissions requested by the previous application
  • When finished, reboot your cellphone

Maybe this is an unpleasant way, but this is the best way we did until Google fixed this problem on its Android system. Now on the latest Android version does not have a significant problem about this anymore.

Fix Screen Overlay Detected Using Application

If your problem is not resolved until now, you can try to fix this problem by using a third party application. It is known that there are several applications that can fix the screen overlay detected. But this requires you to download it and face a lot of advertisements, so we recommend that you try the first way first. If it doesn’t work, you can move to the method using the application. The following application that you can use!

Install Button Unlocker App

The button unlocker application works to open the locked install button due to a screen overlay error.

When installing this application, you will be asked for permission to access and take over other applications to deal with fixing problems that occur. If you have installed the Button Unlocker application, try to do the previous activity which brings up the screen overlay. If it works properly, now the screen overlay detected should no longer appear.