Ways on How To Split Screen On Windows

How To Split Screen On Windows

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How To Split Screen On Windows – Talk about how to share two computer screens on the same screen.

If you only have one computer with a Windows 7 or 8 or even 10 base, you want to work with two screens to make it easier for your device. Now we will give you a way to make the computer screen divided into two parts that you can use to access many tasks.

Sharing the computer screen in two is also useful if you want to watch two videos side by side. Next, we see some ways to share windows 7, 8, 9 and 10 screens into several parts.

How To Split Screen On Windows


Snap Assist is one of the features used by Windows 10 that makes it easy for users to multitask. So how do you use Snap Assist:

Split Screen On Windows

1. Choose a window or an open screen to snap up to half the screen. Drag the window to the side or to the side.

2. Then you will see an outline that adjusts your window to appear. Drag to enlarge the window as you want. If you feel it’s right, release the drag. If you don’t use a mouse, you can use alternative methods. Press the “windows” button and press “left arrow” or “right arrow” as you wish until the windows open as wide as you want.

Step 3: If on one screen you have several open applications or open windows, you will be given a number of options to divide some of the applications according to the available screens.

If some windows are open on your screen, you can now change the size of the windows according to what you want by dragging them from each corner (when a small arrow appears in the corner). You can also place the cursor in the middle of the window to drag it. However, opening too many windows can cause this split process to be so small that it is not useful.


If Snap Assist blocks your task or you can’t use it, just turn it off, it’s very easy for you.

How To Split Screen On Windows

1. In the Windows search bar, find “settings”, click on the corresponding entry.

2. Then, you can choose the “System,” icon and click “Multitasking,” in the menu on the left.

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