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Why Wont My iPhone Turn On – Here Is How to Fix It

Why Wont My iPhone Turn On

Does your iPhone not turn on? Do you need help repairing your iPhone to light up? Don’t worry, this is easy to repair but depends on the cause. Ok, I will help you find the reason why your iPhone is not urn on and how to fix it.

So, be careful with the information you get about the iPhone that won’t turn on. Failure to understand the problem will cause you difficult to correct it.

This article aims to provide a solution to you about why the iPhone does not turn on and teach you to know the cause. Because a lot of information that is spread over the internet is sometimes not a solution. Ok, this article is based on my experience, and it has been proven to be able to solve the problem of the iPhone that not turn on.

Why Wont My iPhone Turn On

The reason for why won’t my iPhone turn on due to software problems. Yo have to reset or restored so that the software is re-arranged properly and back on. In addition, there are also other causes, namely hardware. Hardware can also cause problems on your iOS so that the iPhone can’t turn on. So, how to fix it, can it turn on more? Let us consider the following.

How To Fix An iPhone That Wont Turn On

1. Is it caused by software or hardware?

The first step to fixing it is finding certainty whether your iPhone is not turned on due to hardware or software.

If the cause is software, it is very easy to solve problems. If it is not software, then another problem is certainly the hardware.

2. Crash Software

This is a problem that occurs a lot on the iPhone. Some friends brought an iPhone that didn’t turn on and told me to fix it. What I did was forcefully reset the iPhone and they were shocked. What did I do so the iPhone turn on? I do this easily.

Try doing a hard reset on the iPhone if it doesn’t turn on. For iPhone 6 down, the reset method is to press and hold down the Sleep/Wake button (the power button) and the Home button. Do it simultaneously or at the same time, press for 20 seconds or until the apple logo appears on your iPhone screen.

While for the iPhone 7 and newer. You just press the power button and the volume down button.

iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone X, press and release the top volume quickly, then press and release the volume down, then press and hold the power button on the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, while on the iPhone X hold the side button.

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Why Reset can fix an iPhone that isn’t turn on? Here’s the explanation!

Reset can fix your iPhone because the actual iPhone can always be lit, only if there is a crash in the software it will hang or the system does not respond to performance. With reset, all settings will return to normal as before so they can turn on again.

Many cases, people assume that the iPhone does not turn on when it is “on”. Actually, this is due to a crash that occurred so that the screen only displays the black screen or not responding.

Fixing A Crash Software

If you have already confirmed that the source of the problem is software. So, I advise you to backup and restore your iPhone (iOS). If the software is bad, you have to fix it or update it. I suggest you learn more about how to restore iPhone.

3. Check the charger or cable lightning (Don’t Skip This Step)

Why Wont My iPhone Turn On? If the software you have checked and remains unresolved. Try checking the charger, try charging with another charger or try another iPhone charger with your charger. If your friend’s iPhone can charge the battery and your iPhone can’t, don’t skip to another step.

Things that are not often explained in various articles, the iPhone may charge when connected to a PC or laptop, but not when you connect it to a wall socket. Even though your iPhone friend can charge using your cable and can use the socket on the wall. So, try charging using the cable connected to the laptop USB port. This is if you often charge using a wall charger. If you often charge using a laptop USB, try charging now with a socket.

To repair or learn how to repair the broke charger, I recommend you for reading my article on “how to fix an iPhone charger“.

4. If not Solved, Plug iPhone into PC using iTunes

If until this step the iPhone hasn’t turned on, try connecting to the commuter using the iTunes tool. Does iTunes recognize your iPhone? If iTunes can’t read your iPhone, back up your iPhone now, this might be the last chance to back up your data.

Perform a hard reset when your iPhone is still connected to the computer. Now pay attention, do you see an error message? If iTunes instructs you to restore your iPhone, just do it.

If this step doesn’t work where your iPhone hasn’t interrupted, maybe you should give up your lost data. But luckily if you back up your data using iTunes or iCloud.

5. You Need to Check For Liquid or Physical Damage

This is another possibility that causes your iPhone to wont turn on. If your iPhone falls out of contact with water it is very possible that it doesn’t turn on. The iPhone is very sensitive to problems like this.

Water damage cannot be predicted and this is very dangerous for your iPhone. It could have been hit by water a few days ago but the damage was only today. If the water enters the charger port, your iPhone won’t charge the battery. Indeed, in some cases, the iPhone is fine after being hit by water. But, generally, this is dangerous for your device.

So, you need to check your iPhone, whether you are physically damaged or not. If the damage is small, maybe Apple can replace the new one for you through a warranty card. Also, check whether your iPhone has been damaged by liquid, but Apple does not have a warranty for anything like this unless you have an AppleCare + but this also needs complete information.

6. Why Wont My iPhone Turn On, Fix Options

If your iPhone has a warranty, and damage is not due to liquid or physical. You can easily submit a change to Apple, no fees requested. However, if you don’t have a warranty, fixing an apple may be very expensive, but there are easy alternatives.

If you want to upgrade iPhone now, Puls will help you find you in which location you choose. Within seconds you can fix it.

If your iPhone is already on again: Time To Wrap It Up. Take care and use the casing to prevent things that you don’t want from happening.