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How To Wipe a Macbook Pro and Reinstall It (Step by Step)

How To Wipe a Macbook Pro

If you want to Reinstall your Mac or want to sell to others, of course you have to choose how to wipe your MacBook. So in this article, we help you provide information about how to wipe a MacBook Pro.

So, before we get into the wetting, make sure you have backed up Mac. you or have a backup. This step will be useful for running OS X or macOS. To prevent your confusion in the future, then authorize your Mac on iTunes. The method is kilk on Account > Authorization > Deauthorize This Computer.

You also have to pay attention to your iCloud account, exit iCloud and from iMessage, you can also mix from other internet accounts under system preferences. Now, if everything is finished, now we are going forward to the next step.

How to Wipe a MacBook Pro and Reinstall macOS

Wipe a MacBook (Boot into macOS Recovery)

macOS Recovery will install macOS with a different version depending on the key combination you use when starting your Mac. Unlike Windows installation, Mac doesn’t need discs or macOS from external drives. So, after you turn on your Mac, hold down one of the following buttons and release it if you see a globe or see the Apple logo.

  • Command R (⌘) = Reinstall the latest macOS that has been installed on your previous mac without upgrading to the latest version.
  • ⌥⌘R (Option Command R) = If this is what you choose, then besides reinstalling you also upgrade to the latest macOS that suits your device (Mac).

On the support page, Apple has been notified that “If you are using a Mac that is using OS X El Capitan or earlier, use Option-Command-R to make sure that installation isn’t associated with your Apple ID, “This will also get the installation of the latest software, depending on the available devices.

For this, we can use ⌥⌘R which uses MacOS Recovery over the internet and re-install the latest version of MacOS. Make sure you use a wifi connection for this because you need a high connection.

The loading time required will vary depending on each internet connection. When it’s finished you will see the macOS utility window. Like below

How To Wipe a Macbook Pro

Below are What should you do?

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Erase Startup Disk (hard drive/solid state drive)

  • Click or tap on Disk Utility on and click Continue
  • Select your start up disk on the sidebar Disk Utilities. Click on the top items like the Apple SSD, see the picture below for more details.
  • At the top of the Windows utility, click Erase. If you don’t see or can’t choose Erase, click the volume name beneath the disk name (Macintosh HD), then try again)
  • Enter the name of the disk, Macintosh HD is the default setting on the latest Mac. You can use Mac OS Extended (Journaled) for formatting, and GUID Partition Map for a scheme.
  • Then, click Erase, wait until it’s complete. If it’s complete, click disk utility on the menu bar and continue with “Quit Disk Utility” to return to the macOS utility window.
How To Wipe a Macbook Pro
wipe macbook pro
How To Wipe a Macbook Pro and Reinstall It
Wipe a MacBook Pro and Reinstall macOS
Wipe a MacBook Pro

How to Reinstall macOS

  • Click Reinstall macOS in the MacOS Utility main window.
  • Then, follow the instructions there and select the disk you want to install, this is for those of you who have many drives.
  • Connect the power cable if you are using a MacBook.
  • Click install
  • If you have an SSD, maybe you will see an estimated installation time screen. But if you use an HDD, it might take longer.

If the installation process is complete, you will see a screen with the region selector. If you want to give your mac to another person or sell it, then use the keyboard shortcut ⌘Q to exit the assistant settings and turn off your Mac power.

reinstall macbook pro
How to Reinstall macOS
How to Reinstall macOS after wipe

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